ESTER & ERIK – Interior Fragrances

The younger generation of Ester & Erik’s family has brought together a love of colours with the emotion of the smells in order to write a new chapter of the family company venture. Wax and earth merge with a vibrant palette of fragrances inspired by nature and its elements. Pigments and fragrant ingredients meet and blend in a celebration of  the elements and the craftsmanship. Handmade colourful ceramic pots seem to be freshly picked from a generous soil. With subtle earthy accents they convey a sense of calm.

The new range reveals a bridge between fragrances and colours, between useful and clever designs made to last beyond their initial purpose. Transcending a timeless design, yet anchored in the family’s history and the original colour collection. Resources as well as artisans are lovingly selected: “our candles bring together the spirit of the handcrafts, beautiful designs and dramatic colours that we cherish as part of our brand and our people.”

Light the flame…

At any moment the metal lid can be used as a candle plate to hold our pillar candles (Ø 7cm).

Just flip the lid!

When the scented candle or the room diffuser come to an end, the ceramic jar can be used beyond its initial purpose. As can the lid, which becomes a candle holder, for our pillar candles.

Just flip the jar!